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Night of the Profs 2019, CAU Kiel

Haben Sie Angst vor Gentechnik?

Herr Prof. Dr. Christian Jung hat in seinem Vortrag im Rahmen von "Night of the Profs 2019" die Chancen und Risiken von gentechnischen Methoden beleuchtet.

Prof. Night

For the third time since 2016, the Plant Breeding Institute conducted a training course on genome
with CRISPR-Cas9-targeted modification of genes in crops for teachers. The event took
place from 7.-8.3.19 in the Plant Breeding Institute, in which 21 teachers from all over Northern
Germany attended.

On November 11, 2018, Professor Christian Jung was appointed adjunct professor of the
Southwest University Chongqing, China

Dr. Janina Braatz received the Gatersleben Research Award 2018 of the Association for Promotion of Crop Plant Research.
The award is donated every two years to the most outstanding German dissertation in the field of crop science research. The title of her dissertation was  „Production of oilseed rape with increased seed shattering resistance".

Gaterslebener Forschungspreis 2018 Foto/Copyright: Julie-Sophie Himpe, IPK Gatersleben

Züchtung von Quinoa für den Anbau in Europa
Kieler Forschungen zeigen: In fünf Jahren wäre großflächige Kultivierung möglich.

Quinoa Pressemitteilung 28.09.18Foto/Copyright: C. Eulitz, CAU Kiel

Dr. Janina Braatz received the Faculty Award of the  Faculty of Agriculture and Nutrition from the President of the CAU. The title of her dissertation was  „Production of oilseed rape with increased seed shattering resistance.“ She was a PhD student of the faculty from 2012 – 2017.  
Pictures of the award ceremony  

Fakultätspreis 2018
Foto/Copyright: C. Eulitz, CAU Kiel