Chair for Plant Breeding


  • 236 m² greenhouse area (S1)

  • 321 m² laboratory  (S1)

  • Laboratory area (S1)

  • 181 m² useable space (Refrigeration Room, Photography lab, electrophoresis lab etc.)

  • Chemical analysis lab (HPLC, GC, Autoanalyzer etc.)

  • Culture chambers for in vitro plant growing

  • Fragment analysis (5 LICOR sequencers: 2 X Licor 4000, 1 X 4000 L, 2 X Licor 4300)

  • Common Usage of Tetrade thermocyclers, capillary SANGER sequencing engines, Bio-Imager, and robots for pipeting, spotting and picking within the Center for Biochemistry and molecular Biology (ZBM) in the neighbour building.